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An elite team of ultimate freaks assembled by forces beyond their control for reasons known only to the future generations who will dance, sing, and drink because of this harmonic union. The Legless Lounge Lizards are here to serve their funky instincts and play Ultimate in it's most spirited and pleasurable form.

In 1998 the Lizards transcended from a nurtured Legless form into a their true Lounge nature.

Now, it's 1999...Lizards powers activate. Form of, a Lushious crew of new players and some old school Lizard vets. It's summer time and the livin' is easy for the Lushious Lizards, the latest incarnation of the Lizard phenomenon.

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This site is the result of an experiment involving 2000 monkeys and 2000 typewriters. Meet the head monkey.